Rental Rates: $50 per hour/3-hour minimum for Woodway residents | $70 per hour/3-hour minimum for non-Woodway residents

Party Room Max Capacity – 32 People

The Woodway Family Center would like to host your next big celebration or your team for practices. To book your event, please review the rental policies, the house rules listed below, and call us to book your date. All rentals are subject to availability. Any and all participants must sign a waiver of liability.

The WFC currently observes the following house rules, regarding all rentals.

1. Participate at your own risk

2. All participants must complete a liability form before using the facility.

3. Participants under the age of twelve must be supervised by an adult.

4. The WFC is not responsible for personal property.

5. Alcohol, tobacco products, and e-cigs are not permitted.

6. Food and drinks (except water bottles) are not permitted on the gym floor.

7. All incidents and injuries must be reported to a WFC employee.

8. Disruptive language, verbal altercations, and physical altercations are not permitted.

9. It is the responsibility of the user to fix or replace damaged equipment caused by negligent use and behavior.

10. No dunking or hanging from rims.

11. Shirts and non-marking shoes are required. No skateboards, scooters, Heelys, or inline skates are allowed.

12. Equipment should be used in the manner that it was intended for. Tampering with equipment is prohibited.

13. The scoreboard can only be used by an adult or an approved user.

14. Only service animals are allowed inside the facility.

15. Outside music and Bluetooth speakers are prohibited.

* Anyone not following these rules may be removed from the facility. The Woodway Family Center reserves the right to take necessary action to ensure the safety of the participants and the preservation of the facility and equipment. *

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